Humes Horse & Carriage Rides

The wedding season is officially over for us and the next two months will be very busy with holiday festivities.  We will hope that mother nature will be good to us this year so we can resume sleigh rides on the farm starting in January.

Winter Sleigh Rides paragraph here.

November and December are completely booked with Holiday Season festivities.  You can follow us on Facebook to find out where you can get a free ride.




Humes Horse & Carriage Rides is proud to announce that we are now wheelchair accessible.  We have acquired a 20 passenger trolley with bench seating. The trolley has a removable ramp on the back to make it easy to load wheelchairs.

Wheelchair Accessible

Tel: +1.5198495114      By Appointment 

'Tis the Season

"Experience an earlier, simpler time when the pace of life was slower and each magical moment lasted much much longer"